Open up to the World

Express yourself

Let your thoughts come out.

There is nothing wrong about being mysterious, I am mysterious. I keep things to myself and I am quiet most of the time as I listen to others. I may be withdrawn but sometimes You just have to break it. Even though I think a lot and my concepts turn out to be correct, I am still not saying out loud what I think. But when You hold it back from others, they won’t know what You got to say and it will change everything.

It doesn’t mean that I am unapproachable for new relationships, but people need to discover me and if they are not showing an interest, why should I? I prefer to stay with people who are happy with my company. If You won’t see my point of view, You won’t understand how I feel. You won’t be able to know someone, if You won’t discover them and to do so, You need to start listen. If You won’t take opportunities of meeting new people You will loose a chance of knowing someone special in Your life and one day You may end up alone. But it is always easier to judge than to understand, right?

You may think that You don’t need anyone. Well, at some stage in Your life, You will need help. People say “look is not important” but in the first three seconds when seeing somebody, You already create some sort of opinion about them. There’s nothing wrong about it as long as You will discover the truth about this person.

Communication is a key factor, anywhere You go. It may seem hard sometimes but in fact, if both sides put enough effort into it, it turns out as not a scary thing to do. Many relationships were mishandled or wrecked because of the lack of communication that leads to misunderstandings. This affects an overall “image” of the person and how You receive them afterwards.

When people have an opinion about You already, it will be hard to fix it. Even that You had no intention to turn things to be like that and You were trying Your best to make it normal, the fact of a bad past experience or complex made You aware of the fact that whatever You do or say You’ll be in the dread of people’s reaction and this keeps You in fear.


Although not all of the people are disrespectful. Every one of us has feelings. Some people will try to get to know You. Some of them may know how You feel. These people are worth Your trust, so don’t be changing yourself just because of some negative people. They aren’t brave enough to admit what is wrong in their lives and they are trying to hide their weaknesses by humiliating others. Do not look at these types, if they don’t feel like it, they won’t change their minds and there’s no point of wasting Your time on them. As long as You are being yourself, they will decide if they like You or not, pretending someone else is not any good. Why would you destroy and hide a wonderful person that You are. You were made this way for a reason and it is worth it.

People will talk anyway, it’s a human thing, what ever you would or wouldn’t do, there are people who will not be okay with that. But You know yourself and You know what is right, so do not let these “negatives” bring You down. There is no point of hiding yourself, being afraid of who You are. Being yourself is all that You can do. The thoughts that sit in Your head can be appreciated by others, so do not let the fear of shame make You quiet. Break it, so someday, someone, somewhere will notice Your efforts of the hard work You do and will offer You a place that will make You proud and satisfied, and people will finally see the real You. Keep dreaming big and keep working towards Your point. Be positive about it and close Your eyes and ears on unsupportive people. They will feel ashamed of how they behaved and they will  regret of not knowing You when You’ll finally achieve Your goal.

Life goes on and on, it runs so fast, so use it and enjoy it as much as You can. Being open to the world will make it easier, share Your knowledge with others which will help them. Show forgiveness to people, everyone can make a mistake, some people just need more time to understand what they did was wrong. You will become self-confident and You will gain more desires to anything you do in life. Sometimes the most obvious and normal things to You are the unique and amazing things to others. When Your self-esteem is appeased You’re a happy person. Don’t be afraid of Your own mind, say it out loud as there is no point of worrying about the things that You cannot change. Just live a happy life and if it does not satisfy You, make a change.

If there is something that doesn’t suit you or doesn’t make you happy simply change it! It’s never too late. Not a thing is impossible.

– Agnieszka Matuszak


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