Stay Fit + Be Healthy!

Hard Work but the Body You Always Wanted

Weight Loss – All You need is a pair of trainers, joggers and a t-shirt

There are lots and lots of benefits in loosing Your body weight. One of the most common reasons why people decide to make this change is because Your body looks better, but don’t forget that there are more pros hidden behind it. It also makes You feel better, You are more confident as it raises Your self-esteem, You are healthier, willing to be more active… and the list keeps going.

What stops You then? Excuses! No time, too tired, blah, blah, blah… I’m sure You have at least 10 minutes to give up since You’re sitting here in the internet, reading this post and since You do, and You want to make a change, and what to know how, continue…

4 Sizes Down

4 Sizes Down

“Someone can give You an inspiration, but whatever You do in life, do it for yourself, no one else.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak

Personally I have lost 22 kilograms and I feel great. I keep my healthy balanced diet controlled along with my regular exercises/movement activities/sport. I motivated myself as at some point I became embarrassed of the body I poses. Of course more weight You have, less You care, You’re completely unmotivated. More excuses You’re using and more You delay, it is becoming harder to start doing something about it. I had a conversation with someone who’s in a sport club I used to be when I was a child. We didn’t chat in years and since this is how we know each other, the sport club, we talked about sport and active life-styles and I felt like it’s time for me to finally make a change.

“Everything begins in Your mind.”

Agnieszka Matuszak

Small steps first!

I read a quote once which I think is true, ” You don’t need a perfect fit body to start, but You have to start in order to get it”. The reason I mention this, is because the loss of a big amount of weight is a long journey, but hey! Rome wasn’t build in one day. Everything is possible, remember? You just have to be patient and don’t think about it as much, don’t think that You’re on a diet. You’re not actually. You’re just about to start living a healthy lifestyle. Get into the routine first. Begin with small steps, so You won’t demotivate yourself and You will get used to a change, for example my first step was I stopped taking my tea with sugar, after some space of time I swapped my ordinary tea to green tea, then I started to eat dark seed breads instead of white bread… Small changes like this will tame Your body to the new habits which You will be able to keep for a long, long time, if not forever. If You are going to tell yourself something like “I’m on a strict diet tomorrow!”, it won’t make You successful for long. On a third day, or maximum in a week, You’ll be like “It’s not for me.” and You will eat whatever bumps into your hand.


Eat regularly!

Another popular mistake is a no-eating diet. You won’t loose your body weight by not eating, You are more likely to starve yourself to death. Not eating slows down Your metabolism because Your stomach is saving the food as it doesn’t know when will be the next time You will feed. This is why regular meals are important. Some people gain weight just because they do not eat regularly. You should eat a small meal every 3-4h. It may look like You’re eating more but this actually makes Your metabolism to work properly, so that Your stomach is able to process the food fast. Obviously, if You will eat a big plate of “bad food” every couple of hours, You won’t loose your weight, what’s more You will gain it. You have to control the amount of food as well as the food You’re consuming. Green tea speeds up metabolism too, but be smart, don’t drink it every 10 min. Over drinking green tea isn’t good as well as anything in over did amounts. Simply, instead of Your normal drink during a break have a cup of green tea.


Control the limit!

I have changed my diet a lot when comparing it to the food I ate not that long ago. I choose healthier foods, more vegetables and fruits (that reduces Your sugar desires) and also products low in fat, low in salt, low in sugar. I look at the labels! The allowed daily amount of consumed calories per adult is 2000cal, but it depends from your lifestyle of course how many calories You need. It depends on the activities that you are carrying out during the day. However, if You’re not a professional footballer or any other sport person and You do not work physically for the whole day, don’t worry about it and stick to a 2000cal limit (if You do, discuss it with Your doctor). These calories however have to contain a wise amounts of protein, fibre, etc. also depending on Your physical/mental work that You carry. One thing is for sure, do not over eat as then Your results won’t show up, but I think this is obvious. I will also advise You, don’t be caught on them “low fat” products, sometimes they contain lots of sweeteners and also avoid processed foods, make a dinner yourself.


Move Your body!

Dieting is 50% of getting Your body into a shape. Another 50% is Your movement. Without exercise You won’t be seeing the effects You want. Your body needs some “shake” so that Your fat will be gone and Your muscles will show up. To get rid of the unwanted fat takes some time, so yes, I’m going to repeat myself, You need to be patient! Movement will make your skin firm, Your muscles will become tighter and it will also reduce the risk of an injury in Your daily life as Your body becomes resistant. It is very important however, to carry Your trainings out properly to avoid the injuries of Your back for example. Again, take small steps first. Start jogging, an energetic walk with small running distance will be perfect for a start. After about a week or two start increasing Your distances. It is also important to have a variety of exercise in Your trainings. Don’t stick just to running, do some cardio the other day, You can also work on Your strength using weights which helps to reduce fat in Your body too. Go to a swimming pool, cycle it helps to loose a lot of calories as well. Remember to  keep your own thempo and hydrate yourself. Drink a lot of water (2L a day), especially when working out, You need to fill in the water in Your body that You have lost when sweating during the work out.

“Don’t wait until the day will wake You up, get up and kick the day before it will kick You.”

Agnieszka Matuszak


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  1. You’re probably right. I’d be better off getting exercise and eating right than sitting here reading and analyzing these posts:P hehe But, I wouldn’t get a glimpse into someone’s way of thinking if I didn’t look through my windows. Of course, it would be nice to find such potential for interaction down the street. But, sometimes (usually) it’s not so easy for me.


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