Finding Your Skills + Discovering Your Talents

Art – My begining

Do what You love and be good at it.


Shading Pencils + Colour Pencils

This cone is the first artwork that I have completed and when I discovered my skills in art. It was 2009 when I moved away from my native country and started a new school. I found out that my skills are good enough to do Art and at this stage I fell in love with it.

A tattoo artist, Corey Miller said once “Go ahead and the point will be found itself!” and I so agree with this statement. Don’t worry if You don’t know what You want to do in life, or You have completed Your goal and You have nothing else to do. Sometimes all You have to do is Your routine because when You’re trying too hard to do something, it just won’t happen, it won’t work, no matter what “this” is. Quoting artist Andy Warhol here “As soon as You stop wanting something, You get it.” However maybe life already threw You a “lemon” but You just have to look around? Try to discover Yourself, Your likes and Your dislikes.

“Live Your life and see what happens.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


Gothic Archtecture Ink Pen + Pencils

The work above was done in 2010 for my GCSE project. Somehow my themes were usually dark and mysterious, not always, but mostly. I think it comes from life experiences and personal views that I had. Here I would quote Kurt Corbain (of Nirvana) who said “Thank you for the tragedy, I need it to do my art.”

No matter what people say, do Your own thing. Sometimes even the closest people to You will burst out laughing “What? You? Doing this? Please.” but if You know that this is what You want and You know that You are good at it, do it, practice even more to become better and better at it, do it for yourself and prove them wrong. (Sometimes it is just because they are Your family and/or friends,  they cannot see You doing something new as they are “used” to the “old” You, but once You’ll show what You can do, they will become supportive. You will also find some people who will try to put You down but they are not worth a “thing”.)

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint

“The only person that can achieve something in Your life is You.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


One thought on “Finding Your Skills + Discovering Your Talents

  1. I see room for improvement in the last piece–featuring the playing cards falling–but I like that one. I can see variations that could be done to convey different messages.


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