Stop the War!

Fight for Your rights, but…

Is war really necessary?

WWII Battle - Acrylics

WWII Battle – Acrylics

Today is the day in which the celebration of the Battle of the Boyne is taking a place. In 1690, the crowned kings of England, Scontland and Ireland faced each other on the battlefield (north of Dublin, across the River Boyne) for the last time. This is why I will bring up a war topic here.

The painting above is a World War II battle scene that I composed. I have used acrylic paint to complete it. I know that this is a completely different era, but the picture is pretty much the same every war.


Shading Pencils

While doing a research on 2nd World War I have looked at the images and articles in newspapers, books and internet and I found a qoute:

“How do soldiers killing each other solve the world’s problems?”

– Bill Watterson


Exactly! How? Does it help people to get what they want/what they need by loosing their families? Or their own lives? How is this helping?


Shading Pencils

Iiunderstand, “Sometimes You have to fight in order to be free” as Jared Leto said. But the fight in which You kill each other, often innocent people? Does not make any sence.

Of course, people who were kidnapped and imprisoned during Nazi Germany they had to fight in order to be free. But to begin with, why were they kidnapped and imprisoned in these concentration camps? Was it really necessary?


Pen and Watercolour Paint

A compromise can be found. Sometimes it comes easier and sometimes harder to find, but You can find it if You truly want to. In order to get it You, as well as others, have to be willing to give up something or otherwise the innocent people are getting hurt (the most).


Black Inky Pen

It’s about jealousy and desires. Stop wanting other’s possesions and start appriciating what You have.

“Take life as You get and live it as it is beautiful in any specimen, You just need to look around.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


2 thoughts on “Stop the War!

  1. I refer to Greek myth when the topic of war surfaces. Athena is considered the goddess of war…but so is Ares the god of war. Then, I look a little deeper and see Athena is the goddess of strategy while Ares is considered more of a bloody warmonger god.

    It may not add up to much without further analysis, but I just prefer to favor strategy and women (unless they are “reality TV whores”). 😀 I feel war is what men declare when they can no longer find words to exchange. Just as I am capable of resorting to physical (not lethal) violence when provoked–I am not opposed to slapping a woman if she disrespects sufficient warning about crossing boundaries or repeating “crimes” more than once (usually, giving them three chances)–others use guns and missiles to settle what they cannot achieve with words and paper. And, often enough, the goal/s is/are foolishly short-sighted.

    What are we fighting for? Land? Natural resource deposits? Technology? Pride for reaching a planet first? Foolishness. Childish competition for dominance of the snow bank or sandbox. Adults often are no wiser than children.

    I like your battleship BnW drawing and the way the field vanishes into the horizon in the color piece on the left.


  2. Another thought on war…modern/future war…they think drones will save lives lost in war. But, wars are not likely to be decided/won by one side losing more drones than the other. The drones still seek out living targets. So, are we not spending MORE money/resources and manpower on war than we were throwing spears, arrows and rocks? Planes and tanks are expensive. Maybe drones are slightly cheaper, if we are lucky. But, do they really make more sense?

    I also think fewer wars would occur if certain countries didn’t boast their egos. The USA gets itself in trouble saying it’s the best in the world. Other countries cling to oppressive ways that only clash with the “liberation” of the USA mentality. I can see why some might hate the USA while others rush to get their piece. But, what if the USA is merely the apple of Eden? [Personally, I think other countries are happier with less complications and, probably, better schools.]

    You’ll notice some countries haven’t had wars or even small battles for a long time (if not never). I bet some places haven’t seen such violence since the days of the dinosaurs. How do they do it?


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