Australian Style


Hot, Sharp and Stylish!


The hot/roasting weather makes You tired and the last thing You want to think about is what to wear? Here’s a quick inspiration of what to wear to feel better.

Snake skin print on a light summer dress with straps will make You feel free and light in high temperatures. A brown “Australian” hat will protect Your head, face and hair from sun as well as it will add a stylish look to Your outfit.

There You go! Simple and Stylish.

“There are people with interests like Yours,
don’t be changing yourself or being afraid of who You are,
be proud as there is a reason for it and it’s worth it.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


2 thoughts on “Australian Style

  1. The dress works for you…but not with that hat:) You might consider a broader brim sun hat of straw or some other woven material. More Carmen Sandiego and less Gilligan’s Island:D More French Riviera and less island castaway.

    I wore an Australian hat like that on a trip overseas…and it cooked my head:P Someone even compared me to Crocodile Dundee (which was not my intent). I was trying for Indiana Jones:P hehe


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