Hawaiian Mix


Art… Art… How can it be described? The best way is to show it. Then You can start picking up appropriate words to the piece You see. There are different types of Art… Art in words – articles, books, scripts, lyrics, etc… Art in music – sounds, voices, etc… Art in media – acting, performing, creating a character, composing a film, etc… Art in pictures – paintings, photography, etc… Art in construction – buidlings, furniture, etc… Art is all around us and no matter on type, it paints a picture in Your head, touches Your soul and makes You feel by expressing its emotions.

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Someone can say “Art? Pshh… It’s easy. It’s nothing. Not important at all.” They do not realise the importance of it and that they are facing art everywhere they go. Art is not just a simple sketch. Every artwork, under every creation is showing something! Even if it looks like “nothing”.


This “nothing” was made for a reason. Everything is created for something. It is much harder than it looks like, but I won’t be talking about this… not right now anyway, it’s a long topic for some other occasion. Of course, some ideas are better and some don’t look well in final outcome, but when You keep trying, experimenting and developing them You will achieve something You weren’t even “dreaming” about.


“Do stuff that will be worth talking/remembering and inspire yourself to do it better.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


One thought on “Sanctuary

  1. The problem I face most with art is finding a proper place to put/display it. I run into more people looking to get rich/free art (some who also complain about when and what I create) and people who say I am doing something at the wrong time or in the wrong place…than I do people who make me feel I am doing something right in every possible way. Thus, it’s hard for me to feel good about creating much of anything. And, I hate to think what I create will be mistreated in some way (as even my family has done with my art). So, I feel a bit trapped within myself. I do know the value of releasing one’s feelings/thoughts and using art as self-therapy. But, for someone else to make money off our therapy…feels strangely wrong. I pity Van Gogh and, strangely, Hitler.


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