“Deadly Cocktail”

Drama on the Theatre Stage

Behind the scenes

Here are some backstage photos (my apologies for the quality but they were taken with my iPod) from Strule Arts Centre in Omagh where I have performed. The play was called “Deadly Cocktail” for which purposes I also took part in writing a script and I was a prop manager.

The play was a TiE (Theatre in Education) production that consisted a play itself, workshop activities and education pack. The play showed how people are influenced by alcohol and how this can lead to street violence. It’s aim was to make an audience aware of the impact that alcohol has on the choices of individuals. It showed the consequences of street violence and how dangerous streets at night may be. The target audience (teenagers/young adults/18+) could learn the importance of keeping themselves safe on the night out as well as that they “have to be responsible for their own actions.”



What made this play different was that it didn’t show victim’s side only, it also showed the impact on the offender’s life. In the audience there were special guests invited including a local family of the dead victim of violence insult in the area.


– Ulster Herald Article

Here I would quote myself again:

“Be aware of what step You take,

You cannot go back and fix it afterwards.”

-Agnieszka Matuszak


One thought on ““Deadly Cocktail”

  1. So much for being positive:P I would prefer to follow the words of Philip Phillips who says, “The trouble, it might bring you down. But, if you get lost, you can always be found.” If we are to improve our spirits with forgiveness…if crooks can be redeemed through community service…then can we not correct any mistakes we make in some fashion? And, while it seems impossible to go backward to fix something (to rewind)…there seems to be some eerie feeling of repeating myself similar to deja vu.


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