Peaceful Spot

I’m aquarius

I love water!

I’ve always had some sort of connection to water. I just enjoy being around it. I love swimming in it and I remember when I was a child I never had enough of it.


Baltic Sea

Since we have summer here are some traditional for a holiday picture photos. The above photo was taken in August 2008 in Ustka, North of Poland. I was there on my basketball camp.

Irish sea

Irish Sea

The Irish Sea (which is the photo above and also the one on the left) was captured by me in August 2010 in Portrush, Northern Ireland. As You can see it looks just as beautiful, however more peaceful.

It is always good to go and spend some time on Your own. All You can hear is this calmful sound of waves and some seagulls flying about. You can breath a healthy fresh air. No sight of cars, people chasing for something, it’s just You and yourself. It’s a great place to think or in an opposite way to break free from stress. But You may also prefer to be there with someone special to You, or Your family/friends/ even a dog and spend some time with them feeling like You’re in a beautiful painting.

“Sometimes you question yourself
‘what the hell am I doing here?’
and You want to back off,
but there is no bravery without fear
and we need to face crap in life to become strong.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


One thought on “Peaceful Spot

  1. I could easily let myself be taken over by the sea if I spend too much time at the beach. I would not stay long, though, if the sun started to fry my skin. But, there is something enchanting about the swish of the waves and the softness of the sea air which pulls me in like a siren or Circe of myth.

    Ah, an Aquarius. Nice:)

    The picture of the waves separated at the Baltic Sea is exceptionally unique. Most beach pictures I see are the latter type, the flat waves with a watercolor horizon, too common and unable to capture the feeling generated by the experience. It would be almost better to bring a tape recorder to capture the swish of the tides and play that back to relive the time spent there.


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