Jump and Go

Just Jump In IT!

High temperatures and burning sun… How to look elegant here? Boom! Jumpsuits were made for a reason! When You’re in hurry and You have to look good, just jump in it! All You have to worry about is to match Your accessories and You’re ready to go!


A trending black and white printed jumpsuit would actually look great with a mix of gold and tiny bits of silver jewellery, e.g. as shown above gold  bracelets with a gold and silver watch. On Your neck wear some gold chains, they will add style to this outfit.

IMG_0819Shoes? Wear some elegant heels, not necessarily very high. Comfy shoes are the most important part especially when You’re a running around the place. Pick plain white as You have enough detail on Your jumpsuit already. The same story with a purse – plain white.

Ready to Go!

“Stay focused on Your Goal!”

                                                                                      – Agnieszka Matuszak


One thought on “Jump and Go

  1. I do like jumpsuits on women. But, maybe not that one:) And, too much jewelry on any day–but particularly a hot day–doesn’t seem smart. I do like the white heel sandals, though;) Those are nice.


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