Believer + Fighter

My icon of Dream Fighters

Jared Leto

My own composition.

Work in progress…


Using shading pencils:





Adding colour with colour pencils:


Final outcome:


He has inspired me and he gained my total respeact when I discovered his story. By the way he is extremly cool! I thought that I was the only one who says the right thing, okay not the only one… but he does too.


“Never stop believeing in You or Your dreams!
Not a thing is impossible. Go and follow Your dreams!”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


9 thoughts on “Believer + Fighter

  1. I have to laugh. I just glanced at it and saw Jared Leto’s face. I didn’t think that was the intent. But, there it is. I like him better as the initial sketch. With the heavy shading and bits of color, he sorta warps into Johnny Depp’s Capt. Jack Sparrow. The eyes shrank, and the hair became shaggier.


    • I never drew faces before and my technique is very rough I know, so it may not quite look like him. I have always stayed away from drawing people, however You have to break Your weak sides I think and practice in order to become better, so here’s me trying new stuff. Anyway, thanks for sharing Your thoughts, every opinion is treated equally here… Peace.


      • This was your first portrait?? No way.

        But, that’s just it. It looked enough like him from the first glance. Then, you added shading and color, and it morphed.

        I don’t think the technique is so rough or terrible. But, it’s amazing what a lil change in shading/color can do to a piece. That’s why I am learning to pencil two copies, ink/print stages and try a few variations the way I’d do on a PC.

        I, on the other hand, tend to prefer drawing people to anything else:P I don’t like still life pieces much. I suck at action shots. But, I like to challenge myself. I am tired of certain body parts always looking alike and not realistic…but, practice, practice I must.

        I like your zen outlook on opinions:)


      • See the third photo? At this stage I noticed that it looked less Jared Leto, as I do admit – this portrait isn’t great. I was trying to make it smoother but I didn’t want to make it worse. I’ve seen drawings of him which were amazing but I am proud of myself here, too.

        Fun fact: I was up in the early morning (I couldn’t sleep at night) so I decided to do this drawing of him and it took me 6h to do (with no breaks). Maybe this had an effect on it, too haha.

        My technique is rough, I am confident at it. However, I won’t stick to it as I have developed many others and I like to discover new things.

        Reffering to You, sure! Practice, experiment and develop Your ideas, I’m sure You’ll find something new that will wake up Your interest.


      • 6 hours early in the morning…sounds like a sick way to start a day off. The mind does crazy things with a lack of sleep.

        I don’t think I have completed more than a doodle in under 6 hours. I’m such a perfectionist…and slow to some. I was renown for using my eraser more than my pencil tip in school:P

        I like your interest in experimenting. But, for the drawing’s sake, I wonder if you might benefit from the redraw/trace variation system. Though, I sometimes don’t like the second penciling as much as the first. Sometimes, the second or third turns out better. It varies.

        Your name is very unusual. What nationality is it?


      • I just couldn’t wait to complete it I suppose. I had a reason for it and a point…

        And yes, I know that. I do art under any and every creation. My art teacher used to sit on my back, she wanted me to redo stuff as she knew I could do it better. – Sometimes I’m lazy 🙂 –

        In case you haven’t read “about” or any of my previous posts, I’m Polish. Regards.


  2. My apologies. I swore I had read everyone’s About pages if I could find them. I guess I missed this one? Yours is very…positive…and visual like a fashion magazine. I am Polish-Italian myself. I see the similarity in noses and eyes.

    Do you know your western/Chinese astrology? If my guess is right, you were born a rat/mouse year.

    Your reason for completing the piece so early in the morning with lack of sleep was because he filled you with such inspiration to follow your dreams?

    I would not want anyone on my shoulders telling me to do better. I want the encouragement…but not to be pressured. Nor do I like not getting people’s opinions when I ask or when I put something up for display. It’s part of the reason I am skeptical of displaying art online.

    I have a t-shirt that speaks of laziness. I don’t consider myself lazy. Slow for some, perhaps. But, my “laziness” is merely my consciousness coming to terms with circumstances/conditions and the need for the project. Everything should be done in its own right time and place. Otherwise, it’s like bending branches that were fine on their own or wasting something that could be used better or recycled. Laziness is squashing a bug because it scares you from its distant corner of a room or gets in the way of your dusting. I have done a fair share (though I could do better myself) of bug rescues, transporting what I can to the outdoors. Ya never know who might have been inside that bug (reincarnation-ally speaking).


      • Ah, the boar/pig. I thought you were saying something else was a bore. Pig is a good sign for me:) I’m a rabbit/hare…cat in Vietnamese’s variation.

        I suppose a little pressure is good to push things along to completion, provided it’s not the lash of a whip or mean criticism. I am sure I would nudge some artist to do better too if I was sure they could…but I would hate myself if I angered or discouraged the artist from trying again (unless I was competing with that artist…Mwahahaa!:P).


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