Green Island

… is what they call it.


Catch some photos (taken with my phone) from not always a rainy country.


Green Hills on the way to Dublin.


Small island in front od Ireland.

Flying from Dublin.

Flying from Dublin.


A lovely Irish landscape.


Ruins + Reflections + Green accents.


A rainy green park always a good place to run.


Guinness in a less alcoholic form.

 “In a dark fog of life, find bright sides, so You can live happily.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak


One thought on “Green Island

  1. I must be hard to please:P I think the arch over the traces of water is, at least, somewhat ponderous. But, aerial views from a plane are rarely thought-provoking. At least, I haven’t seen many photos of such that impress me. Yes, a green park is a good place to roam…provided there are no creeps lurking about. But, we cannot live on green alone. It’s nice to see a variety of colors in the park/woods. I’d be sick if all I saw were shades of green. I like the contrasts of browns in rigid tree trunks, the spotted white branches of cedar-type trees and the colors of autumn. If you get lucky, you find some specimen of nature willing to pose for you. That’s always a treat worth finding.

    Also, I prefer to walk fast than run. But, if I had a running partner, I might run more often:)


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