Glasses à la Pilot

Protect Your Eyes

And Look Stylish

I personally love “pilot’s” style sunglasses. When I see a male in them… “oh wow”… but it turns out that woman can also look great in this style.

No matter if it’s a casual day or You’re looking formal, this type of sunglasses will look adequate each time. You can wear them in a hot weather when ever You’re wearing shorts…


or You can wear them in cooler days with Your jeans…


they will also look great when ever Your dress is on…


either way, they are adding style to Your outfit. Sunglasses protect You’re eyes from UV lights coming from the sun and also helps You to see in those uncomfortable bright conditions. Some people wear sunglasses only during sunny days but it is not unusual wearing them even if the sky is cloudy. A day without sun may be very bright too, making Your eyes tired and wearing  sunglasses will let Your eyes realase for sure. Besides they are great to spy people, You can look at them and they won’t even know… Mwahahaha….


“Let people notice You, but in the way which will make them amazed.”

– Agnieszka Matuszak



One thought on “Glasses à la Pilot

  1. The shorts are a swimsuit bottom (too small). The jeans are leggings or “jeggins” (too tight). The dress is decent. But, you’re not showing off the sunglasses in any of those pictures:P

    Yes, I too like to wear my extra wide “beach”/”lifeguard” sunglasses to look at strangers without feeling self-conscious/concerned how they are looking at me. I need this when walking to battle…nurse my social anxiety. Otherwise, I am self-consciously glancing at and away from everyone. I feel sometimes looking people in the eye is like tapping their souls. And, I don’t want that on my mind…nor to give them any distress or confusion from what they may think I am thinking as I look. I am also glad you mention what some recommend, wearing them on cloudy/ultraviolet days. People question me all the time about that. Even some cloudy days, the “extra light” can make me squint. So, it’s good to have sunglasses. I would not likely wear them on TV during an interview, though, as some stage-frightened celebrities do. If I need to do that, I should not be on TV.

    I like the picture on the left:) The sunglasses do compliment your long, dark hair and face.


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