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You found Your way here, so You will find Your way in life.
From here, I will motivate You by attacking You with my POSITIVITY .

I’m an original, an artist and a creative soul who likes adventure with a dose of adrenaline.

My life is surrounded with music and art, as what is life without it. 

I’m a song writer and I play piano in my free time. This allows me to express my thoughts and feelings as well as I am able to tell my story.  

I express my visions and imaginations through art. I design, draw, paint and even create 3D pieces using a wide range of media. I belong to different art movements: from abstract art, through surrealism, to reaslism. As a fan of technology I also create various projects on the screen. 

Another thing that allows me to express myself creatively is theatre and film. When I bring a particular character to life I feel like I can discover different parts of me and learn something new.

I like to capture moments and photography helps me to do so. Memories are too important to let them run away.

All of the above makes me think “outside the box” and this helps me to look at the world from a different perspective.

I like to be active, so I do sport, again various disciplines, what allows me to relieve, have fun and stay healthy.

I also like to travel to visit and discover new places in this beautiful world. This is our one Earth and it is amazing how many different landscapes and cultures it holds with You beautiful souls in it.

I have an open mind, strong character, warm insight and touch, magnetic and deep personality, strong beliefs, wide perspective, high demands, excessive distance, criticality in opinions, vivid imagination, head in clouds and determination in what I want to achieve.



I was born in 1996 and raised in Poland. I always was a good pupil receiving extraordinary certificates every year for the high achievements which highlighted my efforts. I was also rewarded with small prizes for taking a part in different contests, etc.  I was honoured to be a member of a school banner and representing my school on different occassions. 

In 2004, When I was 10, I was a member of local at the time basketball club called “Muks Szok Bojanowo”. I was attending there after school, three times a week. I played with number “17” and a nickname “Matuszka”. This made Physical Education very enjoyable for me as I became good at it. With my team, we played matches around the country and received certificates, T-shirts and medals for our successes. 

In 2oo5, when I was 11, I started attending private English language lessons, once a week.

In 2006 I started my private swimming trainings where I attended once a week also.

All of the above ended when I moved to (Northern) Ireland on June 21st, 2009. A day before I graduated from my primary school, so it was time for me to start a new chapter aboard.

I was 13 and I was excited to go and live in a different country and also that the whole family was together again. Unfortunatelly, I had to leave my beloved dog with my uncle, in my hometown. It took some time for me to feel like I’m home at the new place. School was the hard part as I was lonely. At this stage I began to write songs.

In the moment when I started my GCSEs, in 2010, I discovered my skills and interests in Art and ICT.

After successfully completing all of my GCSEs in 2012 I decided to take on further education choosing Art&Design, ICT and Perfroming Arts for my A-Levels. This third subject was chosen as I had nothing else to pick up but soon it turned out that I discovered a new talent and fell in love with acting.

I am very proud of myself that I did so well over these years because I was twice as disadvantaged when comparing me to local people, as I had to study in a different language. 

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